The Democratic People’s Congress (DPC) has proposed the inclusion of proportional representation in elections in the ongoing Electoral and Constitutional amendments.

Speaking to the media yesterday, the national chairman, Rev. Olusegun Peters said that the proposal would broaden the nation’s political horizon and give voice to more electoral constituencies in both Federal and State House of Assembly.

The party also kicked against the inclusion of independent candidates in the Electoral Act insisting that the country is not yet ripe for that.

In its argument supporting proportional representation, the party said the winner-takes-all system in practice is the bane of our democratic process. “With proportional representation, opposition political parties that performed well on elections will have some federal and state legislative seats from the massive votes won in the same elections despite another party securing the highest voters in the same elections,” it added.

The statement reads in part, “the inclusive nature of proportional representation makes it attractive to many democratic countries around the world that adopted it”.