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Johnson's Dillema

Looking intensely at the readings, Doctor Olamide Pedro folded his sphygmomanometer and placed it gently on the table, unwrapped the BP cuff from his patient’s arm, sat on his office table and fixed his gaze at Johnson Omotayo.

With over 30 years of professional practice, Doctor Pedro who owned and managed one of the largest private hospitals on the Island had been the family Doctor of the Omotayo’s for over ten years, infact, he personally took delivery of their 3 kids, Olayemi, Derrick and Roland. Johnson Omotayo had become his adopted son.

“Young man, I really don’t know what your problems are. With the rate at which you are going, if you don’t heed my advice, you are giving an open invitation to stroke. Do you know what your readings are? It is a good thing you came here on time. You will need to take things easy"!

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I have met people over the years who say they are bloggers, they blog about fashion and lifestyle, food, politics, religion, sports etc. also met people who blog to promote their products and services. it got me very curious about 'Blogging', do people just do it for fun or they have for a passion for for it. Lucky for me i attended a bloggers camp, where i got to learn the XYZ of blogging. i'll start by defining what a blog / weblog is, it is a regularly updated website or webpage, typically run by an individual or small group, written in a formal or conversational style.

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let us make music and merry all day
for today is not for brewing sorrow
after all, we all will die tomorrow
whether or not we merry today

do not hew oaks for coffins
…eat, drink, dance and be gay
for we all only truly have today
tomorrow will act our dying scenes

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