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When men were boys - Chapter 1: Letter to a damsel


By Spencer Briggs
Twitter: @spensabriggs

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The ‘Busy’ Trap

If you live in America in the 21st century you've probably had to listen to a lot of people tell you...
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Bloggers Bootcamp

There is an old saying that states knowledge is power, how much of it do we have and use? Knowledge is only useful when we understand it and put it to practice. I guess what I am about to share, some way or another, it will be useful to someone who spared a minute to read between the lines.

Take a minute, close your eyes, take a deep breath, forget all that is clouding your mind, think, feel your environment, I mean the space which you are at, right now. How much of it resonates with you. Contents on what to write about unfolds as we pay attention to the Nitti grit ties, we see, think and feel.

Blogging in summary is an informal web page, run by an individual or a group of persons, regularly posting captivating information leveraging multimedia, such as text, videos, pictures, etcetera for a targeted audience.
Quotes, jokes, short stories, figures of speeches, guest invites, interviews, drama and other possible forms of relating information, are some tools to spice up the content and create variety of a post. Do you have something to say?
Good readers, they say are good writers, reading is a snippet for good writing especially to improve content.

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let us make music and merry all day
for today is not for brewing sorrow
after all, we all will die tomorrow
whether or not we merry today

do not hew oaks for coffins
…eat, drink, dance and be gay
for we all only truly have today
tomorrow will act our dying scenes

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