iCom Blogs: What to watch next?

iCom Blogs: What to watch next?

It might be frustrating to see that you’ve run out of good movies and series to watch. You browse through your Netflix and Hulu accounts all day but you cannot seem to find a show that you would wholeheartedly enjoy. Aside from that, the overwhelming options make it harder for you to narrow down your choices and start binge-watching. But don’t worry! We are here to give you great recommendations of shows that will make you cry and laugh, fall in love, and keep you on the edge of your seat up to the very end. 

Are you ready to be immersed in interesting plotlines and feel all kinds of emotions? Grab some popcorn and hit play on these shows:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

This family of quirky and hilarious New York detectives will have you laughing in every episode! Without resorting to offensive comedy and harmful insults, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a great sitcom to watch with your friends. Watch them solve crimes, tackle relevant issues on race and sexuality, and build wholesome friendships with one another. This show is filled with catch phrases as well that you can add to your lingo. To the Nine-Nine!

Normal People

Emotions, emotions, emotions. Be prepared to cry your heart out and have a box of tissue near you when you watch this mini-series! Normal People tells the romantic story of two young people as they grow together and grow apart. With different backgrounds and social classes, they make ways to stay in each other’s lives but find themselves failing miserably. Having gone through different phases in life and coming to terms with themselves, they eventually reach a conclusion most people will learn to embrace: that love is sacrifice.

Reply 1988

If you want to watch a series with a twist of nostalgia, you might want to check out Reply 1988. Set in Seoul, Korea, it is a story of friendships, first love, heartbreak, and familial relationships, all in the context of Asian culture. The series portrays the simplicity of the ‘80s and the Asian values that are still prevalent up to this day. Every episode is an emotional rollercoaster ride that will have your belly aching from laughter then make you sob in the following scene. 

The Promised Neverland

At first, The Promised Neverland seems like a promising story about a humble orphanage in a distant town. Despite not having parents and a complete family, children can live a normal life with their caretaker. But hang on! This anime adaptation may seem innocent at first, but it is filled with secrets, mystery, and plot twists that will have you on the edge of your seat!

In the Mood for Love

One of the prides of Hongkong Cinema is Wong Kar Wai’s In the Mood for Love. Everything about this film is sophisticated and visually appealing. The movie revolves around two people whose romantic partners are having an affair, sparking their connection. It does not rely much on dialogue but focuses on the unspoken desires through body language, eye contact, and gorgeous camera work. Make sure to pay attention to the little details! 

The beauty of the film lies in its ambiguity. But there is one thing it is clear about: never sit in the back seat of a taxi with the person you love. If you do, it’s a guaranteed failed romance. 

Manchester by the Sea

To say that this movie is heartbreaking is an understatement. Manchester by the Sea perfectly captures grief with brutal honesty, portraying how our pain takes charge of who we are if we let it  and how it eventually becomes a part of us. Its plot revolves around forgiveness, reconciliation, and loss. This film does not only teach people how to recover from their defeats, but also teaches them that they are not alone in their battles.

Call Me by Your Name

Are you going through a breakup and planning to binge-watch films that can help you understand and release your heartbreak? Include this movie on your watch list! 

Call Me by Your Name is a story of young love between a 17-year-old Jewish Italian and his father’s research assistant. Set in 1980s Italy, two young men develop a romantic connection before breaking apart due to societal constraints of their era and the then-forbidden nature of their relationship. Savour the ending in all its painful glory while sipping a glass of wine.

Modern Family

Modern Family is a mockumentary of a family with different backgrounds and cultural differences. It showcases the issues families usually encounter with a comedic approach that will help you relate more with the characters. Just to warn you, as the show progresses, your attachment to the characters will grow bigger and bigger. At the end of it, you will be a sobbing mess as they say goodbye to one another to pursue their goals and dreams.

How I Met Your Mother

If you are a fan of the hit TV series ‘Friends’, you might enjoy watching this show. How I Met Your Mother revolves around a circle of friends and all the heartbreaks, dreams, and disappointments. They encountered fun times and struggles in their New York journey as they find the love of their lives and uphold their friendships with one another. Although the show is comedic, some episodes will deeply move you. Brace yourself for the ending, though. You are in for a surprise.


Looking for some films about rhythm and jazz? Whiplash is for you! This film follows the story of a young man who wants to be a successful, world-class jazz drummer. At the hands of his abusive conductor and bandleader, he perseveres and proves everyone wrong in his life. People who are passionate about their fields can surely relate to this film. It portrays how most people are obsessed with perfection, greatness, and accomplishments that they mostly forget who they are outside of it. The last frames will surely make you nervous and hold your breath!

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Despite this show being aired more than fifteen years ago, it is still hailed as one of the best-animated series, widely acclaimed by its audience. Set in a war-ravaged world, a young boy is destined to save the world and reunite the four nations. Although this is a kid’s show, it will keep you entertained until the very last episode. And by the time you finish it, you will memorize the show’s opening sequence by heart.

The Midnight Gospel

If you’re looking for philosophical shows exploring existential questions, death, drugs, and what it means to be human, check out this Netflix Original series. Originally a podcast, The Midnight Gospel is the adventures of a space-caster and his interesting interviews with different creatures within the simulator. The trippy animations, together with deep conversations, will make you deeply emotional. You will finish this television show with more life insights that will make you question everything around you.

Bojack Horseman

At first watch, Bojack Horseman is a funny story about a half-human, half-horse who struggles to maintain his popularity and image after being out of the Hollywood spotlight for more than a decade. But the show gets dark and emotionally painful to watch as the plot progresses. Bojack Horseman tackles mental health issues, self-loathing, drug addiction, and how people can recover from their long history of trauma. Don’t let the animation and the animals in the show let you think this series is about happiness!


Kingdom is not your typical zombie television show. Combined with political conflict and the Korean dynasty, the show follows the story of a prince and his underlings as they fight through a plague that resurrects the dead as zombies. He also has to save his people from infection and starvation while killing brain-dead creatures and fighting his political enemies. It is a compelling zombie thriller packed with action and bloodshed!

Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year is all about minimalism and detachment. Live with only what you need. Throw away old postcards, fading photographs, and the cassette player your childhood friend gave you. The story focuses on a young woman who wants to renovate her family’s house crowded with too many things from the past. So if you have plans to declutter and give things away that you think are no longer important to you, think twice and watch this film first.  

Grave of the Fireflies

When you want to feel devastated and hurt outside of breakup films, Grave of the Fireflies is a perfect choice. The plot follows the story of two siblings caught in the tragedy of World War II. It might be the saddest cartoon you will ever watch and will have you zoning out for days due to its heart-wrenching story. Most people never moved on from this film. Good luck to you and your heart.