Staying stylish in summer

Looking for the perfect addition to your wardrobe this summer?

Then you need to seriously consider spending some money to get this polka dot kaftan. In one sentence, this dress provides stylish comfort and ease for this season.

Dressing for the hot weather is not a matter of how little you can get away with wearing. It is a question of volume – clothes that stand away from the frame; that billow rather than stick. And for those days when you wonder not what to wear, but what to wear that will promise the least possible contact with your body, then the number below can help you fill your day up and keep you looking glamorous and stylish as always.

This purple and lilac, polka dot patterned Kaftan is embellished with stones to give you the unique look and can be used to achieve either a ‘dress-down’ or ‘dress-up effect’, depending on what ‘carriage look’ you want from this piece. From wearing it with slippers, sandals or covered shoes, you are sure to rock your Kaftan and get your desired look of the moment.

For a dress-up effect, you could wear it with a turban, heeled or flat-stoned sandals, a chic clutch bag and jewelries to bring out everything rich about this piece.

For a dress-down look, all you need is to wear it with a simple sandal, simple stones slippers and a tote bag to give you the desired guise.

Successfully rocking this Kaftan is possible across all age barriers of ladies and can glam up any fashionista.

Adorned in this Kaftan, you could be equally popular at any celebration or an evening dinner party. And because it is virtually impossible to look bad in one, it is hard not to feel good in one either.

Since it easily lends itself to being used as an evening dresses, casual outing outfit, ‘Thank God It’s Friday’ office look, it can actually go beyond a summer outfit and get easily incorporated into your year-round wardrobe.

Stay stylish, love the weather and be the Kaftan queen with this purple and lilac embellished number.