iCom: Why should you sign up?

iCom: Why should you sign up?

In the age of social media, almost everyone is on their phones posting photos and airing out their opinions in their feeds. Everyone is setting up their blogs and creating social media accounts left and right. The industry of social media is booming, inviting more people to sign up, and interact with one another virtually.

If you’re not currently on any social media platform, why should you sign up? Why should you create an account and give it a try? 

Social media participation is an assurance that you are not being left behind. Because technology is fast advancing, you need to be present in the virtual world. Here are some reasons why you should fill in the sign-up sheet and join us:

Acquire new knowledge 

Social media lets you access sites and platforms that are a good source of useful information, educational discussions, and tips and advice on certain topics. It lets you access mainstream knowledge that can expand your understanding and intellect. You can learn a lot of things that you missed out on in school. Internet forums, news sites, and blogs are filled with exciting insights and information you can read no matter where you are.

Communicate with your loved ones

One of the wonders of social media is it lets you connect with people who are not by your side. You can talk to a long-lost friend who lives across the country and see them through the screen like you are physically in touch with them. It lets your loved ones contact you immediately in case of emergencies or send you birthday greetings. Social media can be a platform for warmth, rekindling connections, and showing affection anytime and anywhere in the world.

Meet new friends

Different social media platforms can give you the chance to meet people where you can find belongingness. They might share the same hobbies as you do such as painting, fiction writing, knitting, or sports. You can impart your knowledge about a certain matter and exchange ideas that can open your mind to new things. In meeting people, you will also get the chance to know about different cultures on internet forums and learn about their backgrounds. It’s a big world out there! 

Promote your creativity

Even if you don’t have the means and the resources to release an album to the public, or have your self-published book be accessible to everyone, social media is a free platform that can help you gain an audience. It allows you to show off your capabilities and talents and let people appreciate the work that you do. You can also ask for constructive criticisms from your audience to further improve your skills in your certain field. In this manner, you gain confidence and give respect to your craft.