iCom: Popular internet slangs you should know

iCom: Popular internet slangs you should know

Welcome to the internet where language is constantly evolving! On social media, you might have encountered a lot of phrases that you’re unfamiliar with. They can be abbreviations or a weird combination of words and numbers that you won’t understand if you’re not an avid fan of the internet. To help you be updated and on the trend, iCom comprised a list of internet slangs you should know!

The internet is a fun place to discover and learn new things. Sometimes, there are trends and slangs you should be aware of to understand some contexts and situations. To get you started, here are some of them:


No, it’s not the shortened term for literature. ‘Lit’ usually means cool or exciting. People use it when they’re at parties getting wasted, watching a cool plot twist, or they’re out on a beach for the summer. You can say ‘lit’ in every situation that amazes you or catches your attention.


OTP means one true pairing. It is mostly used to refer to fictional characters that you think are good together. You can also use this term to speak of romantic couples you look up to. These OTPs often encourage people to write fanfictions, providing their favorite characters an alternate ending.


If someone says you’re ‘woke’, thank them. This internet slang means that you are politically and socially aware and can challenge anyone in an online or real-life debate regarding gender, racial issues, and politics. From the word itself, ‘woke’ means you are awake and aware of the realities of the world. 


‘Ghost’, in the context of social media, is much scarier than its definition in the dictionary. To ghost someone means you leave them or cut them off from your life with no explanations. You stop talking to them, delete them from your contacts, and you go on with your life as if nothing happened. Due to the rise of dating apps, fleeting romances end up in ‘ghosting’. Say goodbye, at least!


On the internet you don’t print receipts, you screenshot them. The term ‘receipts’ means evidence. Since the internet is a hotbed for drama and arguments, people have to prove that they did not start the fight, their boyfriend cheated with another girl, or their friend is talking behind their back on a private group chat. When scrolling through the different social media platforms, you will encounter screenshots of text messages with long captions to provide context for the audience. 


‘Tea’ simply means gossip. Because social media has its ears to the ground, it is a platform for rumours and stories to spread like wildfire. You would often read the phrase ‘Spill the tea, sister!’ and that means someone is about to give juicy information about a public figure or reveal a piece of shocking news about themselves. In time, it might be your turn to spill some tea!