iCom: A guide for effective social commerce

The use of social media has been very helpful both for the customers and business owners. It lets people buy the products straight from the social media app without directing them outside to check out from the shop’s official website. This ease of access induces the users to buy, thus helps in getting more sales for your business.

If you have an online business and are in search of tips and tricks to increase the efficacy of your social commerce, iCom is here to help you! Check out the simple guide we had put together to help you make the most of your online business through social media platforms:

  1. Highlight items with lower prices

When posting your items, you might want to highlight the ones that have lower prices. Most of the users on social media are often just browsing around and are not seeking out products unlike those who are on online shopping apps. To get sales, you have to catch their attention and get them to make impulse purchases!

If you market pricey products, people will just scroll past them unless they really need it. So, it will be better if you focus on your cheaper products to make them believe that your items are a steal.

  1. Hire social media influencers

Influencers are the kings and queens of social media, so if there is anyone that will truly help you boost your business, it is them. These influencers have a bunch of loyal fans and followers that are willing to try anything they tell them to. Also, these influencers can use the tag features of social media apps to direct their fans to your store.

  1. Increase your product reviews

Use your buyers and influencers to help your online shop get plenty of positive reviews to increase the chances of sales. Since users can’t try your product directly, the only thing that will prove its quality is through your product reviews. 

The more reviews you get on your page or account, the more it will affect the social media algorithms. With the high level of engagement, the platform will deem your content as relevant, thus placing it on top of the social media feed and garnering more potential buyers.

  1. Measure your social media analytics

The best way you could maintain your online presence is to measure your social media analytics. This is where you will see your online business performance, giving you useful insights into how people view your brand. These analytics will greatly help you in knowing what is effective and what is not, so you can change your approach and strategies correctly.

  1. Get an easy check out system

The checkout system is a crucial part of your online business. Since you are already venturing into the digital marketing world, you might want to make use of its perks such as automated bot check out systems. Here, users will be assisted by bots instead of a living person. This feature will give the buyers an easier and faster check out process.