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It's pretty, it's purple and I love it!

Now this piece is what I will like to call the pretty purple dress. It is a very comfortable classy and chic piece for the fashion forward yet simple woman and can take you from casual to elegant in just a twinkle.

The cut of the dress screams elegance. It is figure flattering as it is cinched at the waist and flares downwards towards to the knee.

The basket detailing at the neck gives it a touch of risqué and eccentricity, while not being outrageous.

You can jazz this beauty with a pair of court shoes and a chic tote for a sophisticated Friday office look; for an evening out with the girls, some ballet flats and a cross body bag and you are good to go; and if you are looking for a more elegant look, a clutch purse, an open toe sandal and a piece of ankle jewelry will do the trick for that wedding or worship session.

Because its 100% cotton, it is very comfortable and easy on the skin and can be worn in any season - hot, cold, warm or rainy - but be sure to grab a jacket when it is cold. Oh, and I need to add this: the dress is appropriate for all ages and sizes.

The pattern of interlocked crosses gives an illusion of a slimmer figure, so it is a great choice if you want a trim look and the gorgeous purple base colour with yellow and white detailing works very well for all skin tones.

Take it from me ...if you are looking for versatility, this pretty purple dress is the answer!

This outfit was created by Somzel fashion, known for their creativity in infusing colours into classic feminine pieces using the Ankara fabric.


  • Yes
  • N12,000
  • Somzel Creations
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