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When men were boys - Chapter 3: Adventure in the rain

by Hassan Abdul

Twitter: @hassanabdul


Story story...

Once upon a time, on a fateful evening during prep in our class five circa 1995 I believe, it began to rain. It rained so hard that power went out.

For lack of what to do, a few of us ran out into the rain (I really can't remember all those who were involved but kai, we were all psychos walahi). Anyway, we ran and screamed and jumped and played till it got boring. I cannot remember who came up with the idea but somehow we decided to spice it up a little.

Someone grabbed a classmate of ours and others joined in. We were close to the gutter beside car park. Rain water was rushing through it at a very high speed and it was full to the brim. He screamed but we didn't care. A couple of guys ran ahead close to parade ground. The plan was to drop him in it and then the guys at the other end will catch him.

Without considering the crazy danger we were putting him into, we dropped him and almost immediately, he vanished, screaming.

We all ran after the fast running water screaming playfully. Our laughter however disappeared almost immediately. The guys at the other end missed and the water raced away with him.

By this time all of us were dashing madly after the water as it carried him away towards buns villa (a settlement at one end of the school campus) and of course, the river.

God was kind to us oh. There was no way we could have caught up with him and at that time of the night, we would not have been able to find him in the river. What am I saying? Would we have even been able to run all the way to the river at that time of the night?

Anyway, a water pipe which ran across the gutter somewhere close to Echo Company miraculously trapped him and stopped his progress. By the time we got there, he was hysterical, threatening to kill us all.

We were so relieved but we didn't show it and continued making fun of him all the way back to the lines (hostel).

This story was originally published by the author on the the Facebook group The Transmutation of a Boy Soldier!

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