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“I’m not feeling too well, I would be working from home this week. Please ask the office to send all files to my residence so that i can work on them”. 

This was the words of a minister of the Nigerian President: Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR on Wednesday the 26th April, 2017 after the weekly Federal Executive Council meeting which was chaired by the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Thinking out loud on this action has made me question the response of many Nigerians who have said all sort of things and have even thrown tantrums at the presidency over what they call “insensitive”.

Contrary to their Opinions, I believe we (Nigerians) as a people also have days where we work from home and feel like not going to our various places of work for a reason or two.

On the Early morning news today, Femi Adesina Said and I Quote; “the president is not ill and still remains the Grand commander of the federal republic of Nigeria”. This singular statement reaffirms that the president is still able and capable to lead our dear country, Nigeria.

Enough about the president, lets talk about us, What do we do with our time? Some of us gossip and spread gossips, Others while away time doing nothing but watching television, playing video games and chatting the hours of the day, week and month away.

Working from home is an awesome idea for those of us who feel we are jobless and have nothing doing. In a place like Nigeria, there are so many businesses that seek to be on the business map but cannot do so because there are no resources or people available to do this for them.

Enough of the gossips and worry over shenanigans in the country who work out of office to steal our money and heritage only to bury them by the grave side.

Enough of the hardship we have created for ourselves, get up and grow an idea, N5 is no longer a legal tender in Nigeria because we have made sure it lost its value to corrupt practices and violence on the nation’s economy.

I feel talking is easier than acting, Lets talk and act at the same time. Only then would we regain or lost heritage, value and grow this nations financial sector back to where it truly belongs as the giants of Africa.

Enough is Enough, lets act now… The change begins with all of us, not the government alone.

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