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SCD 101

SCD 101

Thank you for trying to know about sickle cell disease. I’ll keep this as short as possible.

What is sickle cell disease?

Well simply put by me it is PAIN! It is an inherited disorder of the blood in which the haemoglobin pigment in erythrocytes (red blood cells) is abnormal. This abnormal ‘haemoglobin-S’ crystallizes in small capillaries due to low concentration of oxygen (it is sufficient for normal haemoglobin) this causes the red blood cells to to assume distorted, making sickle like shapes. This blockage leads to excruciating pain due to tissues being deprived of blood and oxygen.


Sickle cell is most prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. With Nigeria accounting for about 150,000 children born with sickle cell yearly.This number is not a joking stuvs. This represents the highest number of persons born with it across the globe.

Who are sickle cell Warriors?

These are the heroes, the survivalist; these guys make hunger games look like a vacation. They are called warriors due to the fact that they are constantly at war. War? You might ask to yourself, yes! War. War with their ever damaging body. It doesn’t pause to take a break naah, nothing like that. They are the ones that try to make a living even with their bodies handicapping them. They have never known defeat and won’t start now.

Life Expectancy

Many people especially in Nigeria have heard that Sickle cell episodes (crisis) reduce or stop at a certain age above 20. That doesn’t really happen reduction in crisis isn’t due to being older. They are different reasons that could lead to that but mainly it’s due to better knowledge about the dos and don’ts which ultimately leads to fewer hospital trips.

There isn’t any specific range for life expectancy of sickle cell warriors. They are people living with sickle cell who have aged above 50s, 60s, 70, ... and so on.

Well this is just a little intro to Sickle cell as you know our aim is to break the sickle cell cycle by educating the youths in particular and the masses in general. So feel free to share to your friends. Cheers!




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