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“Should We Be Having Kids In The Age Of Climate Change?

Ravis Rieder, a professor at James Madison University, is trying to convince students that they shouldn't have too many children. He states this because of the worsening climate changes on the planet. The fact that the society supports the traditional view of a larger family with many children is outdated, and cannot help mankind fully progress. Rather, the more modern smaller family units are helpful. He also asserts that his view on children bearing is based on moral principles, and that the far off future where the world's climate will drastically change is closer than we think. Americans and other rich nations have the most carbon emissions per capita,but people in poorer nations of the world are most likely to suffer the severe climate impacts, and that is unfair. He says we should save our children by not bringing them into this world. Sadiye, his wife, wanted to have a large traditional family, having been raised in one herself, but he was against it citing scientists who have warned that a catastrophic tipping point could be in the next decade. The Paris Agreement of 2015 can't prevent that. Also, increased world population is expected. Further, reports from the World Bank state that the world must avoid a situation where the planet will reach 4º C of warming. Mr. Rieder has a considerable number of people who share his opinions, including academics and business people, who have created companies to help combat climate change.

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