iCom: The fun things to know about networking

Have more fun and be a more knowledgeable person by knowing the fun things about networking at iCom. The fun things you need to know about it with complete descriptions are: 1. Introduction The objective of the event is to introduce the attendees to the concepts and skills needed to build and maintain strong business … Read more

iCom: Reasons to make friends

Making friends are always important. Make sure you find out the reasons why when you read this article here at iCom. The reasons you need to make friends are the following: 1. You will gain valuable insight into what makes people tick and how they think. 2. You will be able to pick up a … Read more

iCom: Things to consider before posting on social media

With how famous social media sites are today and how accessible it is, everyone can post anything they want online. However, this doesn’t mean that you should. Social media allows people to freely express their thoughts regarding a certain issue or anything under the sun but some people don’t realize the responsibility that this comes … Read more

iCom: Why do people love social media so much?

The technological age has taken over and billions of people all over the world have phones, laptops, tablets and game consoles. Being a part of online communities is something that everyone wants to do nowadays. Sharing content, communicating with others and being a part of a cause has become the norm.  Social media has since … Read more

iCom: Tips before entering the business world

At some point in your life, you might have dreamed of opening your own business; it can be a dainty coffee shop near the riverside, a Mexican restaurant with live bands and music, or a little bookstore in the digital age. But only some people took the risk to make things happen. And for some, … Read more

iCom: Different ways to grow your social media following

iCom: Different ways to grow your social media following With the advent of the digital age, more people are using social media as a means to connect with others. Aside from personal benefit, social media is also a tool for many businesses to gain the attention of potential customers. It’s the best way to penetrate … Read more

iCom: A guide for effective social commerce

The use of social media has been very helpful both for the customers and business owners. It lets people buy the products straight from the social media app without directing them outside to check out from the shop’s official website. This ease of access induces the users to buy, thus helps in getting more sales … Read more

iCom: Must-haves for online shops

iCom: Must-haves for online shops Now that everything can be accessed on the internet, a lot of people have been migrating to online stores instead of putting up physical stores that require a lot of maintenance and fees from rent and other fees. The charm of online shops is not just about its low maintenance … Read more

iCom Blogs: What to watch next?

iCom Blogs: What to watch next? It might be frustrating to see that you’ve run out of good movies and series to watch. You browse through your Netflix and Hulu accounts all day but you cannot seem to find a show that you would wholeheartedly enjoy. Aside from that, the overwhelming options make it harder … Read more

iCom: Social media etiquettes you should follow

iCom: Social media etiquettes you should follow Social media has become a necessity, from communicating with people and getting updated on news to sharing your sentiments and updating everyone with your life. It lets you connect with a long-lost friend in just a few clicks, as well as meet someone new a thousand miles away … Read more